Channel Islands Chamber Orchestra (CHICO) performs a series of five concerts each year. Concert performances are held in October, November, January, March and May, on Saturday evening  (7 pm) in Camarillo and Sunday afternoon (3 pm) in Ventura.

CHICO also performs Peter and the Wolf for elementary school students at two locations; the Ventura High School auditorium and the Camarillo Community Center.


CHICO plays mostly symphonic music. The roster includes more than 50 professional musicians, the majority of which live in Ventura County. Concerts involve 35 to 45 instrumentalists and sometimes a choir. Dr. KuanFen Liu is CHICO’s conductor and artistic director. CHICO’s board of directors has 16 members. 


Attending a formal concert is a rite of passage for 4th-grade children in Ventura County. CHICO brings Peter & the Wolf to all of the fourth graders in two school districts: Ventura Unified School District and Pleasant Valley School District. Prokofiev’s narrated story is the perfect way to welcome children (ages 9-10) to the world of orchestra music.

Every year, CHICO provides a concert that features Ventura County’s best and brightest youth soloists. Vocal and instrumental auditions are held in September. Winners of the competition get to perform a concerto, or a vocal piece suitable for CHICO audiences.


CHICO receives generous support from donors, sponsors, friends and volunteers. We cannot maintain this effort without financial support. Please join the ranks as a donor or volunteer. If you have special skills to offer, come talk to us.