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The Organization

The Mission of the Channel Islands Chamber Orchestra is to enrich the cultural community of Ventura County by providing performance of classical and contemporary music to audiences of all generations. “CHICO” is 501(c)(3) non profit organization and currently offers five concerts per year and an annual youth outreach assembly.

Job Summary

“CHICO” seeks an experienced Administrative Director to guide the organization through its next period of growth so that it can successfully meet established objectives.  The Administrate Director is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the orchestra and reports to the Board of Directors. This passionate director must possess excellent communication and organizational skills while being a strong partner to the Board of Directors. Candidates ideally possess an interest in music, arts, and arts education.

Overall Responsibilities

Attend board meetings and provide administrative support to committees.

Manage volunteers and vendors to ensure tasks are being completed on time.

Work with artistic director to research community conflicts to select concert dates for each season/concert.

Arrange dates and times with venues.

Manage mailing list – add new names from the website or concert sign-up sheet.

Assist mailing yearly donation letter to about 100-200 donors.

Communicate with artistic director, board, musicians and volunteers about rehearsals and other orchestra activities.

Maintain and develop relationships with other arts organizations.

Assist with organizing fundraising events and house concerts.

Work with graphics personnel to create, print and distribute yearly brochure.

Contact advertisers to renew yearly program ads. Expand program ad sales.

Assist with grant writing activities as needed.

Administer annual youth auditions.

Preconcert Responsibilities

Create shared spreadsheet before each concert.

Coordinate with graphics to initiate program design.

Oversee mass postcard mailings.

Connect with volunteers to help write press releases.

Email press release and other public relations activities.

Conduct online marketing and social media activities.

Gather documents for the concert programs (biographies, program notes, donor data) and forward to graphics personnel.

Assist bookkeeper with tracking musician hours and recording extra concert expenses.

Create a PowerPoint to display announcements before every concert

Assist with arranging transportation for large instruments.

Consult with audio / visual and stage manager about staging requirements.

Bring programs and other marketing material to concerts.

Ensure the front desk is covered for each concert.

Attend concerts when needed.


Excellent communicator and creative thinker

High-level computer and technology competency

Non-profit experience preferred

Knowledge of local arts and non-profits preferred

Bachelor’s Degree preferred

Other Job Information

Part-time. Estimated 10-20 hours a week, depending on the time of year.

$26K/yr salary

No benefits offered

Occasional weekend hours required

Flexible work location

Channel Islands Chamber Orchestra is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Applying for this position not constitute a promise or guarantee of employment.

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