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Auditions for Youth Soloists to perform with The Channel Islands Chamber Orchestra 8th Annual Youth Concert January 2018

With the objective of connecting our youth to live performance of classical music, The Channel Islands Chamber Orchestra announces auditions for youth soloists to perform with the orchestra in its 8th Annual Youth Concert in January 2018.  The auditions will be structured as follows:


  1.   Applicant shall reside or attend school in Ventura County.

2.  Applicant shall be 21 years or younger on 15 January 2018.

3.  Applicant shall provide a reference recommending her or him for the auditions.  The reference shall be a music teacher, music coach or other leader in the musical community.

4.  Applicants who performed with the orchestra at the Youth Concert in January 2017 are not eligible to audition again this year but may do so in future years.


1.  31 May 2017:   Due date for submittal of application and YouTube link to a recording

2.  Mid-June 2017:    Finalists selected and announced

3.  Mid-September 2017:   Finalists’ live audition

4.  October 2017:   Final selections announced


Up to four of the participants in the live auditions will be selected to perform a movement of a concerto, an aria or art song or one or more other types/pieces of music appropriate for performance with a chamber orchestra.  An application with a YouTube link of the student performing a music selection will be submitted for the first round of auditions.  The submitted recording should present a piece of music the student has ready now and is intended for performance with the orchestra.  The application should list at least two additional pieces from which final selection* can be made by the Artistic Director.  The live auditions will be held in mid-September 2017 at the First United Methodist Church, 1338 East Santa Clara Street, Ventura CA 93001.  The Annual Youth Concert in January 2018 may be presented twice, once in Camarillo and once in Ventura.

Please submit all application materials by email to by 11:59 PM on 31 May.

*  Final selections will include considerations of rental availability and cost and suitability of the piece for performance with the orchestra. The auditions process and youth concert are subject to changes.  For any questions or further information, contact Dr. Liu at