Young Artists Concert Series

Channel Islands Chamber Orchestra provides a high quality venue for talented young performers (21 years or younger) who reside in Ventura County. Click here for audition information.

Classroom Tutors

Throughout the school year, CHICO musicians provide music lessons and career counseling to students at Rancho Campana High School. We hope to expand this effort info more schools soon!

School Assemblies

Every year, CHICO performs for the 4th graders in Ventura Unified School District serving approximately 1,500 children in this annual outreach.  In the past, we have performed Peter and the Wolf and most recently, Musical Treats – Cooking with the Classics.  Peter and the Wolf is a symphonic fairytale with narration that introduces children to the instruments used in the orchestra in fun and accessible way.  Musical Treats is an original program that uses food to teach concepts of music and composition as ingredients in musical recipes.  The musical menu consists of classical music and film music, as well as a PowerPoint to support the presentation that enriches the overall experience.

Channel Islands Choral Association

Thousands of CSUCI students and community vocalists have performed choral works with Channel Islands Choir and Channel Islands Chamber Orchestra.


The Channel Islands Orchestral Suite by Ashley (Broder) Hoyer was commissioned by Dr. KuanFen Liu and CHICO in 2017. The composition was premiered Fall 2019.  The lecture series, with guest biologist, William Hoyer, introduced the program through the eyes of the composer, performers and advocates.